"2016 Children’s Nonfiction" tag

Squirrels Leap, Squirrels Sleep

Written by April Pulley Sayre, Illustrated by Steve Jenkins

Rocks, Minerals & Gems

The Definitive Visual Catalog of the Treasure Beneath Your Feet Written by Sean Callery and Miranda Smith, Photos by Gary Ombler

Planets: A LEGO Adventure in the Real World

Written by Penelope Arlon and Tony Gordon-Harris

Life on Mars

Written by Mary Kay Carson

Living Fossils: Clues to the Past

Written by Caroline Arnold, Illustrated by Andrew Plant

Space Puzzles

Brain Game Treasure Hunts Written by Dr. Gareth Moore, Illustrated by Ed Myer

Discover Drones

Written by Douglas Hustad

The Sun: Our Amazing Star

Written by Patricia Brennan Demuth


Welcome to the Museum Written by Kathy Willis, Illustrated by Katie Scott

Stickmen’s Guide to Mountains and Valleys in Layers

Written by Catherine Chambers, Illustrated by Venitia Dean and John Paul de Quay

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