"Fairy Tales" tag

Jack and the Bloody Beanstalk

Scary Tales Retold Written by Wiley Blevins, Illustrated by Steve Cox

The Princess and the Frogs

Written by Veronica Bartles, Illustrated by Sara Palacios

Gingerbread Christmas

By Jan Brett

The Singing Bones

Art Inspired by Grimms’ Fairy Tales By Shaun Tan, Foreward by Neil Gaiman

Snow White: A Graphic Novel

Written and Illustrated by Matt Phelan

The Girl in the Tower

Written by Lisa Schroeder, Illustrated by Nicoletta Ceccoli

The Princess and the Giant

Written by Caryl Hart, Illustrated by Sarah Warburton

Fairy Tales for Mr. Barker

By Jessica Ahlberg

Hare and Tortoise

By Alison Murray

Red Riding Hood, Superhero

Far Out Fairy Tales By Otis Frampton

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