"Teresa Edmunds" tag

Hurricane Rescue

Hero, #2 Written by Jennifer Li Shotz

Rocks, Minerals & Gems

The Definitive Visual Catalog of the Treasure Beneath Your Feet Written by Sean Callery and Miranda Smith, Photos by Gary Ombler


Written by Nikki Ehrlich, Illustrated by Zoey Abbott

Magellan: Over the Edge of the World

Written by Laurence Bergreen

Space Puzzles

Brain Game Treasure Hunts Written by Dr. Gareth Moore, Illustrated by Ed Myer

The Book You’re Not Supposed to Have

Timmy Failure, #5 Written and Illustrated by Stephan Pastis


Welcome to the Museum Written by Kathy Willis, Illustrated by Katie Scott

Stickmen’s Guide to Mountains and Valleys in Layers

Written by Catherine Chambers, Illustrated by Venitia Dean and John Paul de Quay

Prehistoric Predators

Written by Matthew Rake, Illustrated by Simon Mendez

The Lost Legacy

The Supernormal Sleuthing Service, #1 Written by Gwenda Bond & Christopher Rowe

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