The Pickle King

11 year old Bea lives with her mom’s best friend in the small town of Elbow. Her father died when she was nine and her mom is in a mental hospital. It rains nonstop in Elbow from May until September. Most families leave during the rainy season but Bea only dreams of going to Florida, where the sun shines. Bea’s friend Sam asks her if she would like to see a real dead body. Bea takes her father’s camera and takes pictures of the corpse. That’s when they notice the missing eyeball. Strange things start to happen after that. Bea believes that the dead man’s spirit is trying to communicate with her.

Review by Cindy Moyle, Granite School District Library Media Department
Rating: 4 Stars
Interest Level: Grades 6-10

The Pickle King
Written by Rebecca Promitzer
Chicken House / Scholastic
404 p.
ISBN: 9780545170871
Release Date: March 1, 2010

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