February 2012

Where’s Walrus?

Written and Illustrated by Stephen Savage

Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy

2011 Winner: The Freedom Maze by Delia Sherman

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday! (and Read Across America Day)

Thursday, March 2 is Dr. Seuss’ birthday! What are you doing to celebrate?

Worst of Friends

Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and the True Story of an American Feud

Youth and Digital Media

New report explores the ways in which young people currently search for, evaluate, create, and share information.

I’m Fast

Written by Kate McMullan, Illustrated by Jim McMullan

Witches of East End

Beauchamp Family Book Series, Book 1

The Unruly Queen

Tagline Written and Illustrated by E.S. Redmond

Beneath a Meth Moon

Written by Jacqueline Woodson

Pig Kahuna

Written and Illustrated by Jennifer Sattler

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