Hidden: A Child’s Story of the Holocaust

hiddenWritten by Loic Dauvillier, Illustrated by Marc Lizano

A grandmother shares her story with her granddaughter about her experience as a child having to wear the Star of David, the story she never shared with her own son. The book is informative and tugs at one’s heartstrings. Several instances of TRUTH are shared throughout the book. One instance is when she mentions a little boy who was humiliated in his class when he had to pull his pants down as an example of a physical difference because he was a Jew. Other instances of violence and fear are shared but that is part of the truth to this book that makes it an important tool in beginning conversations of the Holocaust with younger children.

Review by Kim Richards, William Penn Media Center
Rating: ★★★★✩ (4 stars)
Interest Level: Grades 6-9

Hidden: A Child’s Story of the Holocaust
Written by Loic Dauvillier, Illustrated by Marc Lizano, Color by Greg Salsedo, Translated by Alexis Siegel
First Second
80 pages
Release Date: April 1, 2014
ISBN: 9781596438736 (hardcover)

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1 thought on “Hidden: A Child’s Story of the Holocaust”

  1. I was very moved by this book. Though some of the subjects are a little more graphic than I typically appreciate, I felt the book, as Kim put it, shared truth.

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