King’s English Elementary Book Recommendations

The King’s English Bookshop hosted Granite School District’s Elementary Library Media Clerks to share their favorite books from the past year. These are their recommendations.

ISBN Title Author
9780399170706 The Turnip Brett, Jan
9780763665296 Home Ellis, Carson
9780544432284 My Two Blankets Kobald, Irena
9781770494510 The Good Little Book MacLear, Kyo
9781568462745 Where Do I End and You Begin? Oppenheim, Shulamith
9780545518765 Lucky Author Has a Dog Ray, Mary Lyn
9780385390293 Lilian’s Right to Vote Winter, Jonah
9780763669539 The Stranded Whale Yolen, Jane

ISBN Title Author
9780525429678 Roller Girl Jamieson, Victoria
9780763669614 Baba Yaga’s Assistant McCoola, Marika
9780545418737 Cardboard Tennapel, Doug

ISBN Title Author Release Date
9780545522250 Magisterium: The Iron Trial Black, Holly
9780545522281 Magisterium: The Copper Gauntlet Black, Holly
9781468309539 Iremonger 1: Heap House Carey, Edward
9781468311785 Iremonger 2: Foulsham Carey, Edward
9781468309553 Iremonger 3: Lungdon Carey, Edward
9780545723381 Tombquest 1: Book of the Dead Northrop, Michael
9780545723398 Tombquest 2: Amulet Keepers Northrop, Michael
9780545723411 Tombquest 3: Valley of the Kings Northrop, Michael
9780545723411 Tombquest 4: The Stone Warriors Northrop, Michael
9781423160915 Magnus Chase Riordan, Rick
9780399252952 Toymaker’s Apprentice Smith, Sherri L.
9780385386739 Voyagers 6: The Seventh Element Mass, Wendy 7/5/2016
9780385386708 Voyagers 5: Escape the Vortex DuPrau, Jeanne 5/3/2016
9780385386678 Voyagers 4: Infinity Riders Magoon, Kekla 3/1/2016
9780385386647 Voyagers 3: Omega Rising Carman, Patrick
9780385386616 Voyagers 2: Game of Flames Wasserman, Robin
9780385386586 Voyagers 1: Project Alpha Machale, D.J.

ISBN Title Author Release Date
9780803740815 The War that Saved My Life Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker
9780385375443 The Pirate Pig Funke, Cornelia
9780385375450 The Pirate Pig and Ruffleclaw Funke, Cornelia
9780062320940 The Doldrums Gannon, Nicholas
9780763665104 The Princess in Black Hale, Shannon
9780763665111 The Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party Hale, Shannon
9780763665135 The Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde Hale, Shannon 2/9/2016
9780763671679 The Tale of Rescue Michael Rosen
9780316406215 Minna’s Patchwork Coat Mills, Lauren A.
9780545682428 A Night Divided Nielsen, Jennifer A.
9780763672355 Look Both Ways in the Barrio Rose, Judith Robbins
9780439874021 Echo Ryan, Pamela Munoz
9780385743785 Fuzzy Mud Sachar, Lois
9780545448680 The Marvels Selznick, Brian
9781623702977 Scrap City Thornton, D.S.
9780399168383 Last in a Long Line of Rebels Tyre, Lisa Lewis
9780803739833 Hamster Princess Vernon, Ursula
9780803739840 Hamster Princess: Of Mice and Magic Vernon, Ursula 3/15/2016

ISBN Title Call Number
9780545577854 Buried Sunlight 333.8 BAN
9780553521214 Dear Malala, We Stand with You 371.822 McC
9780606374613 Whaling Season 390 LOU
9780670785360 When the Earth Shakes 551.22 WIN
9780761169277 Cabinet of Curiosities: Collecting and Undestanding the Wonders of the Natural World 570.75 GRI
9780544416666 Glow 572 BEC
9781426320613 National Geographic Kids: Animal Groups 590.14 ESB
9780805079456 Weird, Wild Animal Facts 590.2 LOY
9780544313651 How to Swallow a Pig 591.5 JEN
9780805099614 The Most Amazing Creature in the Sea 591.77 GUI
9780805099195 Bee Dance 595.79 CHR
9780805088427 Woodpecker Wham 598.7 SAY
9780544392946 Wild at Heart 599.665 FAR
9781426320828 Friend for Lakota 599.773 DUT
9781426320705 Brain Games 612.8 NAT
9780545437769 The Inker’s Shadow 741.642 SAY
9781467721516 The Nutcracker Comes to America 792.8 BAR
9780448486956 What is the Super Bowl? 796.332 ANA
9781426320941 Book of Nature Poetry 808.81 NAT
9781481430852 Sail Away 811 HUG
9781627791038 Flutter & Hum/Aleteo y Zumbido 811 PAS
9781596439948 Sally Ride 921 RID
9780763679842 Historium 930.1 NEL
9781481451130 Hillary Rodham Clinton 973.929 KRU


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