Collaborative Book List: Scary Stories for Elementary Students


Our latest collaborative book list was born last week when media clerk Laura Schmidt emailed out asking for new scary chapter book suggestions for her students. Many clerks responded, and we started compiling the list. Check out these great selections, and add your own suggestions or comments right to the document if you haven’t shared already.

Collaborative Book List: Scary Stories for Elementary Students


22 thoughts on “Collaborative Book List: Scary Stories for Elementary Students”

  1. Thank you, I love this list. My students are always asking for scary books and my comment, teasingly, is “The scary book section”. So this Halloween season in my decoration I’ve decided to incorporate a “Scary Book Section”. This is going to make it much easier to pull these books. :-}

  2. Thanks for posting this about Scary books, I’m getting tired of the scary stories series, its good to know there are other great titles out there.

  3. Thank you for compiling this list with all the scary books suggestions. Kids just loves these books and this is perfect to refer to.

  4. I have one “special” book that I have had to replace several times. It is by “Scholastic” and titled “Scared Silly! Stories to Make You Gasp and Giggle” I found it at BARNES AND NOBLE. There are fifteen short stories that start off scary but end up making you laugh. The pictures are not scary but help with the story.

  5. I’m am so glad you posted a list of scary books!
    My kids can’t get enough and I needed to see what other schools had and add some to my schools collection.

  6. Great list! Great ideas for a display :) The Graveyard book is good spooky read for older grades, if they dare read it… Most who I have recommended it to have liked it.

  7. LOVE THIS!!!! With Halloween approaching, these titles would be great for a display… I’m sure they would fly off the shelf. There are a few here going onto my purchasing list!

  8. If anyone has scholastic dollars to spend, there is a fun set of Ghost Stories in their library bound section. It includes, “Ghosts in Famous Hotels”, “Ghosts in Battlefields”, and “Ghosts at Sea”. There are eight books to the set and are about 4 grade level reading.

  9. Great list, students are always looking for scary books!! “Where is the scary section?” is heard over and over. It’s nice to get some new ideas.

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