2018 GSD Elementary Design Challenge Winners

Congratulations to our design challenge winners! These were chosen from 1,668 entries. Each of our four winners will get to pick out $250 worth of books for their school library and have their design featured on our Ubuntu poster that will be hung up in all 63 of our elementary school libraries.

Principle 1 – “Be curious”

Jasmin Castro, 6th Grader at Westbrook Elementary School

Principle 2 – “Be considerate of the needs of others”

Hermione Neri, 6th Grader at Elk Run Elementary

Principle 3 – “Create a reading community”

Aaboli Samant, 6th Grader at Neil Armstrong Academy

Principle 4 – Leave the library better than you found it”

Giovanni Plinta, 4th Grader at Moss Elementary


Click on the images above to download high quality, printable versions of the poster images. For lesson plans and more information on the 2018-2019 Elementary Library Theme, visit these past blog posts.

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