This Book Is Anti-Racist

20 Lessons on How to Wake Up, Take Action, and Do The Work

Written by Tiffany Jewell, Illustrated by Aurélia Durand

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This concise, well-organized guide is filled with information and activities to help readers understand racism and its ramifications: what racism is, where it comes from and why it exists, and how it affects people personally as well and how it manifests in society and institutions. Beyond providing resources for building this understanding, the text gives concrete actions and ways to respond to and work against racism in individuals and society, which I especially appreciated. It doesn’t read at all like a textbook, though: in addition to drawing from key writers and works, the author incorporates anecdotes from her own youth and adulthood that can help young readers (and older readers like me) personalize these concepts and situations. There are many quotable phrases, and the colorful illustrations and graphics make it easy to engage with the text. The activities can help the reader to think critically about the concepts and discover how they relate to them individually. A glossary of critical terms and an excellent bibliography and further reading list are also included. I highly recommend this as a resource for those young and old looking to critically engage with racism personally and in society (which should be all of us.)

Reviewed by Joshua Whiting, Media Specialist, Educational Technology Department
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Interest Level: Grades 5 and Up

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This Book Is Anti-Racist
Written by Tiffany Jewell, Illustrated by Aurélia Durand
Frances Lincoln Children’s Books
160 pages
Release Date: January 7, 2020
ISBN: 9780711245211

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