New in Sora: Magazines!

We now have a collection of magazines in Sora! These current and back issues are always available to students and staff for educational or entertainment reading. The collection includes selections for elementary and secondary students.

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Video: How to Borrow and Read a Magazine in Sora

This quick video from OverDrive shows how to borrow a Magazine issue in Sora, along with some of the features and options for reading magazines in Sora. Source:

Sora Magazine Collection: Complete Title List for 2021-2022

The collection features the current issues of these magazines, as well as prior issues going back to 2018 for most selections.

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Magazine TitleSubjectContent access level
Air & SpaceScienceYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
Algarabía NiñosKids & TeensJuvenile (Grades K-5)
All About HistoryCulture & LiteratureJuvenile (Grades K-5)
Animal TalesKids & TeensJuvenile (Grades K-5)
Anorak MagazineFamily & Parenting, Kids & TeensJuvenile (Grades K-5)
AstronomyScienceYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
Astronomy for KidsKids & Teens, ScienceJuvenile (Grades K-5)
Baseball AmericaSportsYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
Billboard MagazineMovies, TV & MusicAdult (Grades 9-12 and Staff)
Black Girl’s Magazine (BGM)Kids & TeensJuvenile (Grades K-5)
Car and DriverCars & MotorcyclesYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
Car and Driver – EspañaCars & MotorcyclesYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
ChopChop MagazineFamily & Parenting, Food & Wine, Kids & TeensJuvenile (Grades K-5)
Creative StepsCrafts, Family & ParentingJuvenile (Grades K-5)
DiscoverScienceYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
DOT MagazineFamily & Parenting, Kids & TeensJuvenile (Grades K-5)
Food Network MagazineFood & WineYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
Games World of PuzzlesTech & GamingYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
Girls’ Life MagazineFamily & Parenting, Fashion, Kids & TeensYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
Girls’ WorldKids & TeensJuvenile (Grades K-5)
iD (Ideas & Discoveries)ScienceYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
Inc. MagazineBusiness & FinanceYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
J-14Celebrity & Gossip, Kids & TeensJuvenile (Grades K-5)
Minecraft World MagazineKids & Teens, Tech & GamingJuvenile (Grades K-5)
National Geographic KidsKids & TeensJuvenile (Grades K-5)
National Geographic Little KidsKids & TeensJuvenile (Grades K-5)
National Geographic MagazineScienceAdult (Grades 9-12 and Staff)
National Geographic MéxicoScienceAdult (Grades 9-12 and Staff)
New ScientistScienceAdult (Grades 9-12 and Staff)
NewsweekNews & PoliticsAdult (Grades 9-12 and Staff)
Outdoor LifeTravel & OutdoorYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
PC Gamer (US Edition)Tech & GamingAdult (Grades 9-12 and Staff)
Popular MechanicsScience, Tech & GamingYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
Popular ScienceScienceYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
Reader’s DigestNews & PoliticsAdult (Grades 9-12 and Staff)
Rolling StoneMovies, TV & MusicAdult (Grades 9-12 and Staff)
Science IllustratedScienceJuvenile (Grades K-5)
ScoopKids & TeensJuvenile (Grades K-5)
SlamSportsYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
Smithsonian MagazineCulture & Literature, ScienceYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
StorytimeKids & TeensJuvenile (Grades K-5)
Teen Black Girl’s MagazineKids & TeensYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
The Week JuniorKids & TeensJuvenile (Grades K-5)
TIME for Kids Family (Age 5+)Family & Parenting, Kids & TeensJuvenile (Grades K-5)
TIME for Kids Family (Age 8+)Family & Parenting, Kids & TeensYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)
Total GirlKids & TeensJuvenile (Grades K-5)
WIREDScience, Tech & GamingYoung Adult (Grades 6-8)

Posters and Graphics: Magazines in Sora!

Sora Collection Poster – Magazines!

Sora Collection Poster – Magazines with Covers – Elementary

Sora Collection Poster – Magazines with Covers – Elementary

We also have these printable/shareable “Magazines now in Sora!” posters available. Right click on the images above and save them to re-share on social media or a school, library, or classroom website, or download the PDF below for printing.

Additional Resources

Check out our Sora New Releases and Features page for more collections and posters for new and featured ebooks and audiobooks in Granite’s Sora.

Want more information about Sora? Have a suggestion for a book we should purchase? Visit our dedicated Sora help page for Granite students and staff at

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