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The Cool Code

Borrow this book from Granite’s Sora Digital Library! Written by Deirdre Langeland, Illustrated by Sarah…

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Brothers in Arms

A True World War II Story of Wojtek the Bear and the Soldiers Who Loved…

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A Bear Far from Home

Written by Susan Fletcher, Illustrated by Rebecca Green I absolutely loved this book. Depicting a…

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Manatee Summer

Written by Evan Griffith Manatee Summer tells the story of a boy named Peter and…

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Punky Aloha

Written and Illustrated by Shar Tuiasoa Punky is a little girl that loves her grandmother’s…

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The Sour Grape

Borrow The Sour Grape from Granite’s Sora Digital Library! Written by Jory John, Illustrated by…

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A Good Place

Written and Illustrated by Lucy Cousins A Good Place is about four insect friends who…

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The Awakening Storm

Click here to borrow this book in Granite’s Sora App! City of Dragons, #1 Written…

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Who Are Your People?

Written by Bakari Sellers, Illustrated by Reggie Brown This story begins with a black family…

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