Granite School Library Media Centers

Senior High Schools

Connection High School

Cottonwood High School

Michelle Chester, Library Technology Coach

Robyn Mendenhall, Media Clerk

Jennifer Merkley, Media Clerk

Library Catalog (Destiny Classic)

Library Catalog (Destiny Discover)

Cyprus High School

Tricia Fenton, Library Technology Coach

Amy Fendley, Media Clerk

Katie Hardman, Media Clerk

Library Website

Library Catalog (Destiny Classic)

Library Catalog (Destiny Discover)

Granger High School

Hunter High School

Kearns High School

Aimee Duran, Library Technology Coach

Nancy Heckenliable, Media Secretary

Library Website

Library Catalog (Destiny Classic)

Library Catalog (Destiny Discover)

Olympus High School

Skyline High School

Taylorsville High School

Junior High Schools

Bennion Junior High

Cami Sorensen, Library Technology Coach

Rebecca Nelson, Media Clerk

Bonneville Junior High

Erica Owens, Library Technology Coach

Nathan Simonsen, Media Clerk

Churchill Junior High

Eisenhower Junior High

Evergreen Junior High

Brad Butcher, Library Technology Coach

Lyn Cheney, Media Clerk

Granite Park Junior High

Jeff Curran, Library Technology Coach

Laurie Blake, Media Clerk

Hunter Junior High

Dean Bressler, Library Technology Coach

Janene Ujhely, Media Clerk

Jefferson Junior High

Michelle Reed, Library Technology Coach

Sharon Viall, Media Clerk

Kearns Junior High

Toni Blattman, Library Technology Coach

Noah Brown, Media Clerk

Kennedy Junior High

Mandee Cossa, Library Technology Coach

Sheena Boekweg, Media Clerk

Matheson Junior High

Karen Tinsley, Library Technology Coach

Brenda Tuttle, Media Clerk

Olympus Junior High

Valley Junior High

Rose Yazzie, Library Technology Coach

Nishonii Holiday, Media Clerk

Wasatch Junior High

West Lake STEM Junior High

Craig Edwards, Library Technology Coach

Julie Cazier, Media Clerk

Elementary Schools

Academy Park Elementary

Arcadia Elementary

Armstrong Academy

Bacchus Elementary

Beehive Elementary

Bennion Elementary

Bridger Elementary

Calvin Smith Elementary

Copper Hills Elementary

Cottonwood Elementary

Crestview Elementary

Diamond Ridge Elementary

Driggs Elementary

Eastwood Elementary

Elk Run Elementary

Farnsworth Elementary

Fox Hills Elementary

Fremont Elementary

Frost Elementary

Gourley Elementary

Granger Elementary

Hillsdale Elementary

Hillside Elementary

Hunter Elementary

Jackling Elementary

Lake Ridge Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Magna Elementary

Mill Creek Elementary

Monroe Elementary

Morningside Elementary

Moss Elementary

Oakridge Elementary

Oakwood Elementary

Orchard Elementary

William Penn Elementary

Pioneer Elementary

Pleasant Green Elementary

Plymouth Elementary

Redwood Elementary

Rolling Meadows Elementary

Rosecrest Elementary

Silver Hills Elementary

South Kearns Elementary

Spring Lane Elementary

Stansbury Elementary

Taylorsville Elementary

Truman Elementary

Twin Peaks Elementary

Upland Terrace Elementary

Valley Crest Elementary

Vista Elementary

Olene Walker Elementary

West Kearns Elementary

West Valley Elementary

Western Hills Elementary

Whittier Elementary

Wilson Elementary

Woodstock Elementary

Gearld Wright Elementary

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