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Written and Illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins Tags: 2018 Picture Books, Halloween Picture Books, Individuality Picture Books, Jack-o-Lantern Picture Books, Lucy Ruth Cummins, Pumpkins Picture Books, Terrie Bishop Similar Posts: Rabbit Moon Run Wild A Werewolf Named Oliver James, by Nicholas John Frith The Crocodile and the Dentist

Skelly’s Halloween

Written by David Martin, Illustrated by Lori Richmond Tags: 2018 Picture Books, Animals Picture Books, Bones Picture Books, David Martin, Halloween Picture Books, Humorous Picture Books, Johneen Anderson, Lori Richmond, Skeletons Picture Books Similar Posts: Rabbit & Possum Misunderstood Shark A Werewolf Named Oliver James, by Nicholas John Frith A Mighty Bitey Creature, by Ronda …

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Sergeant Reckless

Written by Patricia McCormick, Illustrated by Iacopo Bruno Sergeant Reckless is a true story of little horse who became a hero. This story took place during the Korean War. The Marines in this story were exhausted from hauling heavy ammunition uphill to a powerful new cannon nicknamed the “reckless” rifle. One of the marines had …

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Solving for M

Written by Jennifer Swender, Illustrated by Jennifer Naalchigar Mika just started 5th grade in middle school. Her life is changing rapidly, but surprisingly, her math class is what keeps her grounded. Her mom has a mole removed that is cancerous and the journey of this story is about how she quietly suffers through the stress …

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