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These recommended books received ratings of at least 4 out of 5 stars. Click here to see ALL ELEMENTARY NONFICTION reviews.

Cutting-Edge Black Holes Research

Written by Kevin Kurtz, Illustrated by This book is about black holes and the Milky Way galaxy. In 1974, using special telescopes, astronomers saw a bunch of stars surrounding a HUGE space. It was millions of times bigger than our sun! They knew it was a black hole. Really big black holes are called supermassive …

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Red Rover: Curiosity on Mars

Mars has a visitor. It likes to roam… observe… measure… and collect. It explores the red landscape— crossing plains, climbing hills, and tracing the bottoms of craters—in search of water and life. It is not the first to visit Mars. It will not be the last. But it might be… the most curious. Written by …

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Hooray for Women!

Written and Illustrated by Marcia Williams Hooray for Women! celebrates the accomplishments of women throughout history, some familiar and some I’d never heard of. Each page is devoted to a different woman and her story is told in graphic novel format. Along the border outside of the panels other facts and info are shared, as …

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The Brain is Kind of a Big Deal

Written and Illustrated by Nick Seluk The Brain IS a Big Deal! This great non-fiction book teaches kids about the different parts of the brain and all that the brain does for us. Text is accompanied by really fun and humorous illustrations with parts of the brain, the brain itself, and other organs as characters …

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Animals Are People Too: An Adorable Animal Emotion Thesaurus

Created by Odd Dot I like that this book teaches about feelings and shows that animals have feelings. This book is easy to read so young kids can read it too. Some parts of the book are funny. The book is telling the truth that animals are like people. I really like the pictures too. …

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Epic Athletes: Stephen Curry

Written by Dan Wetzel, Illustrated by Zeke Peña What does it take to become an NBA superstar? Stephen Curry’s life is one way to get there. In this book, Dan Wetzel explains the path he took to become a champion in the basketball world. From growing up with a basketball superstar for a dad and …

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Basketball’s G.O.A.T

Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and more Written by Joseph Levit I like this book because it gives me an opportunity to learn more about basketball. I play basketball and like everything about basketball. This book tells about some of the great basketball players, guys and girls. The book has photos and stats. It’s really good. …

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The Speed of Starlight

Written by Colin Stuart, Illustrated by Ximo Abadía This covers just about everything in the universe! From questions like, “Why doesn’t the Moon fall down?” and “What’s inside an atom?” to “What sound does space make?” This book is amazing for the curious future scientist and anyone who would like to learn a thing or …

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A World of Discovery

Written by Richard Platt, Illustrated by James Brown This book covers 30 inventions that changed the world. Each invention includes a short story about the inspiration of the creation, interesting facts, and one full length illustrated page about how the invention works. It is a great book for readers who love history, science, or inventions. …

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