"2014 Picture Books" tag

The Great Thanksgiving Escape

Written and Illustrated by Mark Fearing

Help! We Need A Title!

By HerveĢ Tullet

Love Monster and the Perfect Present

By Rachel Bright

Hug Machine

By Scott Campbell

Love Monster

By Rachel Bright

The Cat, the Dog, Little Red, the Exploding Eggs, the Wolf, and Grandma

By Diane and Christyan Fox

If Kids Ruled the World

Written by Linda Bailey, Illustrated by David Huyck

I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Dreidel

Written by Caryn Yacowitz, Illustrated by David Slonim

Beautiful Yetta’s Hanukkah Kitten

Written by Daniel Pinkwater, Illustrated by Jill Pinkwater

Not Very Scary

Written by Carol Brendler, Illustrated by Greg Pizzoli

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