2019 Easy Readers

Hello, Crabby! / Let’s Play, Crabby!

Written and Illustrated by Jonathan Fenske Crabby is… a little crabby, while Plankton is overly friendly. Crabby wants to be left alone, while Plankton wants to be best friends and play games. Although Crabby is cranky he is also clever and tries Plankton’s patience over and over. Will Plankton ever get to play a game …

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Do you Like My Bike?

Hello, Hedgehog! #1 Written and Illustrated by Norm Feuti This book is darling! Easy, simple, and a great read for younger children wanting to read graphic novels. The pictures are great and the story is about the friendship and kindness between Hedgehog and his friend Harry the hamster. Loved it and will definitely look into …

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Smell the Daisies

Big Words, Small Stories, #3 Written by Judith Henderson, Illustrated by T. L. McBeth This book is written as short stories, which makes it easier for kids to reach a stopping point while reading. The author uses comedy to introduce big words. The illustrations are engaging and humorous. Each short story is filled with little …

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