Bringing Back the Wolves

How a Predator Restored an Ecosystem Written by Jude Isabella, Illustrated by Kim Smith This nonfiction book explains ecosystems and how every member of the ecosystem plays an important part. This is an informative book specifically about wolves when they were reintroduced to Yellowstone Park in 1995. It explains why this event was important for …

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Animals Are People Too: An Adorable Animal Emotion Thesaurus

Created by Odd Dot I like that this book teaches about feelings and shows that animals have feelings. This book is easy to read so young kids can read it too. Some parts of the book are funny. The book is telling the truth that animals are like people. I really like the pictures too. …

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Predator and Prey

A Conversation in Verse Written by Susannah Buhrman-Deever, Illustrated by Bert Kitchen I absolutely loved this book and easily gave it 5 stars! I shared it with my family and my teen children were even interested in it. Great educational poetry book that can be read with two voices. It had many fascinating animal behavior …

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