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Six Dots: A Story of Young Louis Braille, written by Jen Bryant and illustrated by Boris Kulikov

Six Dots: A Story of Young Louis Braille Written by Jen Bryant, Illustrated by Boris Kulikov

Mary, Who Wrote Frankenstein, written by Linda Bailey and illustrated by Júlia Sardà

Mary, Who Wrote Frankenstein Written by Linda Bailey, Illustrated by Júlia Sardà

House of Dreams

The Life of L.M. Montgomery Written by Liz Rosenberg, Illustrated by Julie Morstad

Sisters & Champions

The True Story of Venus and Serena Williams Written by Howard Bryant, Illustrated by Floyd Cooper

Brave Jane Austen

Reader, Writer, Author, Rebel Written by Lisa Pliscou, Illustrated by Jen Corace

Neymar: A Soccer Dream Come True

Written by Mina Javaherbin, Illustrated by Paul Hoppe

A Lady Has the Floor

Belva Lockwood Speaks Out for Women’s Rights Written by Kate Hannigan, Illustrated by Alison Jay

Martin Rising: Requiem for a King

Written by Andrea Davis Pinkney, Paintings by Brian Pinkney

Little Sid: The Tiny Prince Who Became Buddha

Written by Ian Lendler, Illustrated by Xanthe Bouma

When Paul Met Artie

Written by G. Neri, Illustrated by David Litchfield

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