Coming of Age Fiction

The Life of Glass

This thought provoking novel handles an adolescent’s struggle with loosing a father with grace and finesse. Scattered throughout the book are bits of advice and gems of wisdom that Melissa remembers from her father and that are contained in his journal. Melissa decides that since her father’s journal means so much to her that she …

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This book is an excellent one. Of all the books I have read and reviewed this year, this is the first one that I can easily say I would give five stars to. Young NaTasha has been living in an all-white neighborhood for most of her life. When her grandma Tilly decids to have her …

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The Dreamer

Winner of the 2011 Belpré Award Long before the meteoric rise of Pablo Neruda, Nobel Prize-winning poet and one of the most important literary figures of the 20th century, there was a sensitive and shy young boy in a small town in Southern Chile named Neftali Reyes.  In The Dreamer, Pam Muñoz Ryan gives us …

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Every night, after she’s read a couple of chapters of Nancy Drew, Franny closes her eyes and drafts a letter to Chairman Khrushchev, asking him to come to an understanding of things and not blow up America. But she can never get the wording quite right. In fact, she can’t seem to get anything quite …

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Marcelo in the Real World

Marcelo is looking forward to his coming summer job as caretaker of the therapy ponies at Paterson, a special school for children with disabilities which he himself has attended for years.  He is an intelligent but sheltered teenager with a condition that places him on the Autism spectrum.   However, Marcelo’s father, wanting him to gain …

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