"Friendship Fiction" tag

Jigsaw Jungle, by Kristin Levine

Jigsaw Jungle Written by Kristin Levine

The Cryptid Catcher, by Lija Fisher

Written by Lija Fisher

All Three Stooges, by Erica S. Pearl

All Three Stooges Written by Erica S. Pearl

See You On a Starry Night, by Lisa Schroeder

See You On a Starry Night Written by Lisa Schroeder

Fergus and Zeke at the Science Fair, written by Kate Messner and illustrated by Heather Ross

Fergus and Zeke at the Science Fair Written by Kate Messner, Illustrated by Heather Ross

Project Fluffy (The Infamous Ratsos, #3), written by Kara LaReau and illustrated by Matt Myers

Project Fluffy (The Infamous Ratsos, #3) Written by Kara LaReau, Illustrated by Matt Myers

We Regret to Inform You, by A. E. Kaplan

We Regret to Inform You Written by A. E. Kaplan

Sweet Black Waves, by Kristina Pérez

Sweet Black Waves Written by Kristina Pérez

Geraldine, by Elizabeth Lilly

Geraldine Written and Illustrated by Elizabeth Lilly

Driving by Starlight, by Anat Deracine

Written by Anat Deracine

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