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Animalicious: A Quirky ABC Book, by Anna Dewdney, Reed Duncan, and Claudia Boldt

Written by Anna Dewdney and Reed Duncan, Illustrated by Claudia Boldt

The Panda Problem, by Deborah Underwood and Hannah Marks

Written by Deborah Underwood, Illustrated by Hannah Marks

Marigold Finds the Magic Words, by Mike Marbrough

Marigold Finds the Magic Words Written and Illustrated by Mike Marbrough

The Good Egg, by Jory John and Pete Oswald

The Good Egg Written by Jory John, Illustrated by Pete Oswald

A Mighty Bitey Creature, by Ronda Armitage and Nikki Dyson

A Mighty Bitey Creature Written by Ronda Armitage, Illustrated by Nikki Dyson

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates, by Ryan T. Higgins

Read and listen to this book in Sora, Granite’s Digital Library Written and Illustrated by Ryan T. Higgins

Is That You, Eleanor Sue?, by Tricia Tusa

Is That You, Eleanor Sue? Written and Illustrated by Tricia Tusa

Niblet & Ralph, by Zachariah OHora

Written and Illustrated by Zachariah OHora

Did You Eat the Parakeet?, by Mark Iacolina

Did You Eat the Parakeet? Written and Illustrated by Mark Iacolina

Never Satisfied: The Story of the Stonecutter, by Dave Horowitz

Never Satisfied: The Story of the Stonecutter By Dave Horowitz

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