Marni Allred

Suffragette: The Battle for Equality

Written and Illustrated by David Roberts Cleverly illustrated and concisely written, this nonfiction book about the fight for the female vote is a timely offering as we celebrate the U.S. constitutional amendment that was ratified 100 years ago and gave women the right to vote. This book shares the history of the suffrage movement not …

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Not If I Can Help It

Written by Carolyn Mackler While Sensory Processing Disorder gives Willa something to cause her to feel out of place and “weird,” she has managed to make a best friend who doesn’t know anything about Willa’s condition. Compartmentalizing and therapy help Willa appear “normal” and allow her to feel like she is more like other people. …

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How to Hide a Lion at Christmas

Written and Illustrated by Helen Stephens Beautifully illustrated, this book tells of the adventures of a pet lion trying to be with his human on Christmas. The story hints at the lengths that friends will go to in order to be together for the holidays. Reviewed by Marni Allred, Media Clerk, Robert Frost ElementaryRating: ★★★★★ …

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#GSDLibraries Display Roundup | December 2019

Here are a few examples of the displays and activities happening in Granite School District libraries this month. Holiday Crafts at Skyline Media Center Heidi Williams, the Library Media Educational Technology Specialist at Skyline High School, has a number of fun and stress-reducing crafts out, perfect for students who need a quick break in the …

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Child of the Dream

A Memoir of 1963 Written by Sharon Robinson This is a memoir of a singular year in the life of Sharon Robinson, daughter of baseball great Jackie Robinson. As a newly minted teenager in 1963, Sharon is witness to the civil unrest in the “Deep South” and feels guilty about her comfortable, if not separate, …

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