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Sea Glass Summer, by Michelle Houts and Bagram Ibatoulline

Written by Michelle Houts, Illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline

A Drop of the Sea, written by Ingrid Chabbert and illustrated by Guridi

A Drop of the Sea Written by Ingrid Chabbert, Illustrated by Guridi

The Only Fish in the Sea

Written by Philip C. Stead, Illustrated by Matthew Cordell

There Might Be Lobsters

Written by Carolyn Crimi, Illustrated by Laurel Molk

Poor Little Guy

By Elanna Allen

The Sea Tiger

By Victoria Trunbull

Following Papa’s Song

Written and Illustrated by Gianna Marino

Octopus Alone

Written and Illustrated by Divya Srinivasan

The Story of Fish and Snail

Written and Illustrated by Deborah Freedman

If You Want To See a Whale

Written by Julie Fogliano, Illustrated by Erin E. Stead

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