Realistic Fiction

Cilla Lee-Jenkins: The Epic Story

Written by Susan Tan, Illustrated by Dana Wulfekotte I like this book because it is fun and new. The story features a girl named Cilla, who grows up in a mixed race family. It doesn’t really tell you what place her mom is from, but her dad is Chinese. Cilla goes through challenges and problems, …

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Patron Saints of Nothing

Written by Randy Ribay Click here to read this book in Granite’s Sora When 17-year-old Filipino-American Jay gets news of his cousin Jun’s death, he is shocked. He has a hard time believing his cousin could’ve died because of drugs. Heading to the Philippines to visit family and secretly investigate his cousin’s death, will he …

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Not If I Can Help It

Written by Carolyn Mackler While Sensory Processing Disorder gives Willa something to cause her to feel out of place and “weird,” she has managed to make a best friend who doesn’t know anything about Willa’s condition. Compartmentalizing and therapy help Willa appear “normal” and allow her to feel like she is more like other people. …

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Each Tiny Spark

Written by Pablo Cartaya A Social Studies assignment ignites a spark in a Middle School classroom. As students work on their projects they find themselves in a heated real-life debate over a school district plan to merge students from two different schools. Students start to discover their history, their beliefs, their community, their opinions, and …

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The True History of Lyndie B. Hawkins

Written by Gail Shepherd Lyndon Baines Hawkins, Lyndie, is an 11-year-old girl whose life is changing in ways that she doesn’t like. She and her parents are moving in with her grandparents, her mother is not well and her father is dealing with his service in the Vietnam War. Lyndie wants her old life back, …

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Other Words for Home

I still smile at everyone in the street.Not everyone smiles back, though.When they don’t,I want to say,‘You don’t have to worry about me.I am just a girl who likes movies.’ –Jude, in Jasmine Warga’s Other Words for Home Written by Jasmine Warga This is the engaging story of Jude, a girl who lives in a …

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