space exploration

Cutting-Edge Black Holes Research

Written by Kevin Kurtz, Illustrated by This book is about black holes and the Milky Way galaxy. In 1974, using special telescopes, astronomers saw a bunch of stars surrounding a HUGE space. It was millions of times bigger than our sun! They knew it was a black hole. Really big black holes are called supermassive …

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Red Rover: Curiosity on Mars

Mars has a visitor. It likes to roam… observe… measure… and collect. It explores the red landscape— crossing plains, climbing hills, and tracing the bottoms of craters—in search of water and life. It is not the first to visit Mars. It will not be the last. But it might be… the most curious. Written by …

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Birthday On Mars!

Written by Sara Schonfeld, Illustrated by Andrew J. Ross Celebrate a birthday on Mars? With Curiosity you can. This book is about a robot named Curiosity that was sent to Mars to explore the surface and report back to earth. To commemorate its first year being on Mars, it sang to itself “Happy Birthday” on …

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