"2016 Middle Grade Fiction" tag

Hidden Rock Rescue

Secrets of Bearhaven, #3 Written by K.E. Rocha

Making Mistakes on Purpose

Ms. Rapscott’s Girls, #2 Written by Elise Primavera

Lou Lou and Pea and the Mural Mystery

Written by Jill Diamond, Illustrated by Lesley Vamos

The Giant Smugglers

Written by Chris Pauls and Matt Solomon

Lucky Strikes

Written by Louis Bayard

The Book You’re Not Supposed to Have

Timmy Failure, #5 Written and Illustrated by Stephan Pastis

Soldier Sister, Fly Home

Written by Nancy Bo Flood, Illustrated by Shonto Begay

Disenchanted: The Trials of Cinderella

Tyme, #2 Written by Megan Morrison

The Voyage to the Magical North

The Accidental Pirates, #1 Written by Claire Fayers

Royal Wedding Disaster

From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess, #2 Written by Meg Cabot

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