Latest Book Reviews

Nerdy Birdy Tweets

Written by Aaron Reynolds, Illustrated by Matt Davies

Blue Ethel

By Jennifer Black Reinhardt

Neymar: A Soccer Dream Come True

Written by Mina Javaherbin, Illustrated by Paul Hoppe

Champions of Women’s Soccer / Champions of Men’s Soccer

Written by Ann Killion

The Boy, The Bird, and The Coffin Maker

Written by Matilda Woods


Written by Alice Broadway

A House in the Sky

And Other Uncommon Animal Homes Written by Steve Jenkins, Illustrated by Robbin Gourley

Dolphins: Voices in the Ocean

Written by Susan Casey

Greetings From Witness Protection!

Written by Jake Burt

Crash! Boom!

A Math Tale Written by Robie H. Harris, Illustrated by Chris Chatterton


Challenger Deep

Written by Neal Shusterman, Illustrated by Brendan Shusterman


Ladybug Girl and the Dress-Up Dilemma

Written by David Soman, Illustrated by Jacky Davis

Sidewalk Flowers

Written by JonArno Lawson, Illustrated by Sydney Smith

  • Poor Little Guy
  • Swatch: The Girl Who Loved Color
  • Lowriders in Space
  • The War that Saved My Life
  • A Tale of Highly Unusual Magic
  • Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues
  • Challenger Deep
  • Ladybug Girl and the Dress-Up Dilemma
  • Sidewalk Flowers
  • Pete the Cat’s Groovy Guide to Life

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