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Rules for Vanishing

Listen to this audiobook in Granite’s Sora Written by Kate Alice Marshall Whilst the Rules for Vanishing tagline is, “Anyone can follow the road but…
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Read or listen to this series in Granite’s Sora! Renegades Series, #3 Written by Marissa Meyer In the epic conclusion to the Renegades series, the…
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Written and Illustrated by Carme Lemniscates
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Molly’s Moon Mission

Written and Illustrated by Duncan Beedie This is a story about having a dream, setting a goal, failing, and not giving up. Molly is a…
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What Grew in Larry’s Garden

Written by Laura Alary, Illustrated by Kass Reich Grace lives in your average neighborhood. All the houses are close together and everyone has a small…
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Blood Mountain

Written by James Preller You will be drawn into this story. The characters are realistic and authentic. Grace, a 13 year-old sister, and Carter, an…
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