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The Day the World Stopped Turning

Written by Michael Morpurgo Set in World War II France, autistic Lorenzo lives among the salt flats and the flamingos. As the Germans invade France, Lorenzo and his Romani friend Kezia find themselves on the list of the hunted. When eighteen-year-old Vincent collapses in the marshes near their isolated farm, he has a near-death experience. …

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The Speed of Starlight

Written by Colin Stuart, Illustrated by Ximo Abadía This covers just about everything in the universe! From questions like, “Why doesn’t the Moon fall down?” and “What’s inside an atom?” to “What sound does space make?” This book is amazing for the curious future scientist and anyone who would like to learn a thing or …

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A World of Discovery

Written by Richard Platt, Illustrated by James Brown This book covers 30 inventions that changed the world. Each invention includes a short story about the inspiration of the creation, interesting facts, and one full length illustrated page about how the invention works. It is a great book for readers who love history, science, or inventions. …

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