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This form is designed for staff or students in Granite School District to submit book reviews to our site. We welcome any recommendations, so feel free to give us a review of any book you’d like to share. If you submit a review of a book that is not a review book you could win complimentary bonus books for your school or classroom library. You can learn more about our book review program here. Thank you for your book reviews!

In your review please comment on what age and type of reader you would recommend the book to, strengths, problems, read-alikes, etc. Please give us at least 4 complete sentences and remember that your review will likely be published on this site. If you are stuck, check out these ideas and tips for writing a book review. Book Review Form

  • You will receive a copy of your submission.
  • Tip: Type and save your review in a word processor, then paste it into this form when you are finished.
  • Suggest some keywords for this book, especially genres and subjects (e.g. fantasy, realistic fiction, geography, baseball, dogs, poetry, etc.) Please place a comma after each term.
  • Please check all that apply.

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