2019 Children’s Graphic Novels

Hello, Crabby! / Let’s Play, Crabby!

Written and Illustrated by Jonathan Fenske Crabby is… a little crabby, while Plankton is overly friendly. Crabby wants to be left alone, while Plankton wants to be best friends and play games. Although Crabby is cranky he is also clever and tries Plankton’s patience over and over. Will Plankton ever get to play a game …

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Science Comics Skyscrapers, The Heights of Engineering

Written and Illustrated by John Kerschbaum I was prepared to “endure” this graphic novel about the science behind skyscrapers, but ended up truly enjoying it! John Kerschbaum has definitely done his research and strikes a great balance between entertaining and educating in this book. He includes kid-friendly, but not condescending, definitions within the book for …

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Hooray for Women!

Written and Illustrated by Marcia Williams Hooray for Women! celebrates the accomplishments of women throughout history, some familiar and some I’d never heard of. Each page is devoted to a different woman and her story is told in graphic novel format. Along the border outside of the panels other facts and info are shared, as …

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Do you Like My Bike?

Hello, Hedgehog! #1 Written and Illustrated by Norm Feuti This book is darling! Easy, simple, and a great read for younger children wanting to read graphic novels. The pictures are great and the story is about the friendship and kindness between Hedgehog and his friend Harry the hamster. Loved it and will definitely look into …

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Written and Illustrated by Raina Telgemeier Another great graphic novel from Author Raina Telgemeier. Guts takes us through a true story of Raina’s life as a teenager. As she deals with the ever-changing dynamic of school, she also must deal with life at home. She has been having stomachaches and thinks that it might just …

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