Fathers and Daughters Fiction

Each Tiny Spark

Written by Pablo Cartaya A Social Studies assignment ignites a spark in a Middle School classroom. As students work on their projects they find themselves in a heated real-life debate over a school district plan to merge students from two different schools. Students start to discover their history, their beliefs, their community, their opinions, and …

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Not If I Can Help It

Written by Carolyn Mackler While Sensory Processing Disorder gives Willa something to cause her to feel out of place and “weird,” she has managed to make a best friend who doesn’t know anything about Willa’s condition. Compartmentalizing and therapy help Willa appear “normal” and allow her to feel like she is more like other people. …

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All the Colors of Magic

Written by Valija Zinck, Translated by Helen Jennings All her life, Penelope has lived with her mother, grandmother, and cat Coco at their “dragon” house. She lives an ordinary life, except for the fact that she is the only girl in town with ash-grey hair. One day her mother gets injured by a tractor and …

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Nikki Tesla and the Ferret-Proof Death Ray

Elements of Genius, #1 Written by Jess Keating, Illustrated by Lissy Marlin With an opening scene that stars a ferret aiming a death ray at a teenage girl, Nikki Tesla and the Ferret-Proof Death Ray is an adventure from start to finish. Nikki Tesla is a teenage inventor who doesn’t fit in with the rest …

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The Girl Who Sailed the Stars

Written by Matilda Woods In the village of a thousand ships a fortune teller’s prediction will change a girl’s life. Oona was meant to be a boy according to the famous fortune teller who visited her village ten years ago. Unwanted and unloved by every member of her family, Oona looks forward to her birthday …

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