"Humorous Fiction" tag

WhatsHisFace, by Gordon Korman

Whatshisface Written by Gordon Korman

The Midnight Gang, by David Williams

The Midnight Gang Written by David Williams, Illustrated by Tony Ross

Snazzy Cat Capers, written by Deanna Kent and illustrated by Kent Neil Hooson

Snazzy Cat Capers Written by Deanna Kent, Illustrated by Neil Hooson

The Monster’s Daughter (The Ministry of SUITS, #2) by Paul Gamble

The Monster’s Daughter The Ministry of SUITS, #2 Written by Paul Gamble

A Bad Night for Bullies

The Goolz Next Door, #1 Written by Gary Ghislain

Wish Upon a Sleepover

Written by Suzanne Selfors

Escape From Castaway Island

Mr. Puffball, #3 Written and Illustrated by Constance Lombardo

The Real McCoys

Written by Matthew Swanson and Robbie Behr

Hero Rising

Darkmouth, #4 Written by Shane Hegarty

Here Comes Trouble

Written by Kate Hattemer

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