Illustrated Nonfiction

Bones: An Inside Look at the Animal Kingdom

Written by Jules Howard, Illustrated by Chervelle Fryer The human skeleton is amazing, but have you ever wondered about why skeletons are different for every living creature? Bones: An Inside Look at the Animal Kingdom briefly covers different aspects of a skeleton. This includes jaws, digging, grasping, holding weight, jumping, gliding, running, and swimming. Each …

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Sergeant Reckless

Written by Patricia McCormick, Illustrated by Iacopo Bruno Sergeant Reckless is a true story of little horse who became a hero. This story took place during the Korean War. The Marines in this story were exhausted from hauling heavy ammunition uphill to a powerful new cannon nicknamed the “reckless” rifle. One of the marines had …

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Power Up

Your Incredible, Spectacular, Supercharged Body Written by Seth Fishman, Illustrated by Isabel Greenberg This engaging book helps readers appreciate the wonders of our “incredible, spectacular, supercharged body!” It helps us understand how energy from the sun powers our bodies. The illustrator, Isabel Greenberg, does an excellent job of showing how much energy different activities require …

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And Other Prehistoric Critters That Roamed the Planet Written by Helaine Becker, Illustrated by John Bindon This book is both fascinating and freaky! If having a 4 inch scorpion crawl across your foot gives you shivers, imagine facing the 2 ft. 7 in. Pulmonoscorpius! Its survival strategy is referred to as the “toxic stab.” Yikes! …

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