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I Need All of It, by Petra Postert and Jens Rassmus

Written by Petra Postert, Illustrated by Jens Rassmus

Space Boy and the Snow Monster, by Diane Curtis Reagan and Robert Neubecker

Space Boy and the Snow Monster Written by Diane Curtis Regan, Illustrated by Robert Neubecker

Isle of You, by David LaRochelle and Jaime Kim

Written by David LaRochelle, Illustrated by Jamie Kim

Is That You, Eleanor Sue?, by Tricia Tusa

Is That You, Eleanor Sue? Written and Illustrated by Tricia Tusa

The Boy Who Went To Mars, by Simon James

The Boy Who Went To Mars Written and Illustrated by Simon James

The Patchwork Bike, written by Maxine Beneba Clarke and illustrated by Van Thanh Rudd

The Patchwork Bike Written by Maxine Beneba Clarke, Illustrated by Van Thanh Rudd


Every last bubble must…POP! Written by Jason Carter Eaton, Illustrated by Matt Rockefeller

Hotel Fantastic

Written and Illustrated by Thomas Gibault

Run Wild

Written and Illustrated by David Covell

A House That Once Was

Written by Julie Fogliano, Illustrated by Lane Smith

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