2018 Student Bookmark Designs from Valley Crest Elementary

Every year for the past several years, students at Valley Crest Elementary engage in a bookmark design contest to encourage reading. The winning bookmarks are printed and distributed to students in the school. Jenny Wadsworth, media clerk at Valley Crest Elementary, agreed that more people should have the chance to see these cute bookmarks, and she kindly shared them with us to share with you.

Below we present the 2018 Valley Crest Elementary Student-Designed Bookmarks!

Download a printable PDF version of the bookmarks here. We’ve also shared all of the bookmarks on Pinterest in this Library Posters and Graphics Board. The student artist names are noted in the PDF version and in the file names of the images shared above.

Thank you to Jenny Wadsworth for managing this contest each year and sharing these bookmarks with us, in addition to the many other things she does to promote a culture of reading at her school.

Bonus: Prior Year Bookmark Sets

This contest has been going for several years and printable files still exist for some of the other years, so we are sharing/archiving them below.

2016 Valley Crest Student Bookmark Gallery

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